Integrating Shade Structures with existing School Architecture

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Oct 13, 2023 12:12:31 PM

School environments are not just spaces of education; they are also places of inspiration, culture, and history. When it comes to designing shade structures, many schools request that they blend harmoniously with the existing architecture and surroundings. At Enviroclass, we take pride in our ability to create shade structures that seamlessly fit into the school environment, respecting both its history and aesthetics.

Respecting the Past

One of the key challenges in designing shade structures for schools with a long legacy is the need to respect the historical significance of the existing buildings. Many of these institutions boast architecture that reflects the era in which they were built - some even being heritage listed. To create shade structures that appear as if they were part of the original design, our team at Enviroclass start by delving into the school's history to gain a deep understanding of the architectural style prevalent during its construction.

Harmonising with Architecture

Once we have a clear grasp of the historical context, our design team sets to work. Our goal is to create a space that not only provides the necessary protection from the elements, but also complements the existing architecture. This involves working through many detailed aspects, from selecting materials that match the school's building materials to replicating design elements like rooflines, color schemes, and other special finishes.


Customisation and Flexibility

Every school is unique, and so are its architectural characteristics and environmental conditions. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we offer fully bespoke structures tailored to the specific needs of each school. This flexibility allows us to create shade solutions that seamlessly integrate with the unique features of the school's architecture - and more importantly, the current needs of the school.

Community Involvement

Our approach to designing shade structures isn't just about aesthetics and functionality; it's also about community involvement. We engage with school administrators, teachers, students, school’s councils, and local communities to gather input and feedback throughout the design process. This collaborative effort ensures that the final shade structure not only complements the school architecture but also meets the needs and preferences of those who use it.

Shade structures should enhance the beauty and functionality of school environments without detracting from their historical or architectural significance. We are passionate about creating shade solutions that seamlessly integrate with school architecture, preserving the past while providing for the future. Our commitment to harmonising aesthetics and functionality ensures that our shade structures not only provide respite from the sun or inclement weather, but also become an integral part of the school's heritage.


Charles La Trobe College

Explore how Enviroclass helped Charles La Trobe integrate their shade structure with the existing school architecture.

Steel Shade Structure
  • Respecting the Past
  • Harmonising with Architecture
  • Customisation & Flexibility
  • Community Involvement