St Bernard's Primary School

St Bernard's Primary School
Wangaratta, VIC
Single Court Cover
24m Wide, 37m Long, 6m - 7.5m Eaves

Brief: ENVIROCLASS was engaged by the school's architect to help cover their bitumen court adjacent to the school, ensuring it matched the existing architectural design. We aligned the roof's pitch (slope) with the surrounding buildings and applied a 2 pac coating on all structural elements to match the color scheme. To address bird-proofing concerns without compromising aesthetics, we integrated a brightening soffit lining to prevent bird access. Additionally, a self-cleaning half round gutter system was installed to minimize maintenance needs. Our solution aimed for both functional excellence and seamless architectural integration.

Scope: ENVIROCLASS scope was as head contractor to oversee all aspects of the build. This included, all permits and compliance, and site management services including steelwork assembly and roofing.

A Statement Structure


Under roof

5 weeks

From temp fence up to temp fence down

1 Crane

To assemble (no machines on court)

Project Gallery

Soffit Lining + Gutter System

What They Say

"It was really important for us to work with Enviroclass because they were primarily able to do most of the on-site work in the 2 weeks of the September school holidays, which had minimal impact for our school community."
Patricia Boak
St Bernard's Primary School
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