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What is design and construction?

This a type of building works contract whereby the head contractor takes responsibility for the design. It requires an excellent working relationship between the Principal (client/developer) and the contractor. It enables the contractor to manage the complete design and engineering processes instead of architect-appointed consultants who likely do not have a working relationship with the contractor. ENVIROCLASS only undertakes design and construction projects as it is in the design stage and we can add value with our years of engineering and manufacturing experience and resources. Where there is already existing design and engineering, we cannot compete as we can't add value to a project by the time it reaches that stage.


Where does ENVIROCLASS build?

We can deliver projects nationally with offices in Victoria and QLD and manufacturing plants in these locations.

What is the relationship between ENVIROCLASS and Entegra Signature Structures?

ENVIROCLASS is a division of Entegra - we look after all of Entegra's projects in the Education, Recreation and Government sectors. This has enabled us to build a specialist team who understand how we can continue to improve and grow in these sectors, whilst also having resources to draw on from a large and well-established company like Entegra.

How do I know if the structure I have in mind is too complicated for ENVIROCLASS?

Ask us! If we can have design input, we will likely provide some assistance. They put a man on the moon, so nothing is impossible.

Do you offer design-only services?

We would never offer a planning and design package where we would have no chance or opportunity to complete the works at a later date, as our design and documentation is a phase that we package up with the construction type, to justify the resource inputs.

Do you offer construction-only services?

No, we provide maximum value when we also have design responsibility in our projects.

Do you offer fabric or PVC structures?

No, our structures are solid, non-permeable structures; primarily of steel. We are always looking for new and improved materials and methods of construction. If you have something specific in mind, you can always get in touch to discuss it.

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