Beverley Hills Primary School

Beverley Hills Primary School
Doncaster, VIC
Single Court Cover
36m L, 18m W, 5.8m Eaves

Brief: We were contacted by Beverley Hills PS Principal, and tasked with transforming their outdoor court to become an all-weather outdoor area for conducting event's in all seasons and all times of day.

Scope: ENVIROCLASS, (then Entegra) scope involved the full design and engineering of the building, as well as overseeing fabrication of the structural steel. Once the building 'kit' was on site, we worked through the school holidays to stand the building up for use in the school term. This was over an existing artificial surface which required protecting. Additional items were incorporated to the build by another contractor doing the fit out which included lighting, PA system and post padding. 

A Statement Structure


For all weather use

3 weeks

On site

296 Bolts

Holding the Structure

The Highlights

Steel Shade Court Cover
Half-round gutters
Classy gutter system used really makes this building more than a 'shed'.
Steel Shade Court Cover
PA System
Speakers installed to the underside of the building for events and bells / music.
Steel Shade Court Cover
Webbed rafters
Efficient use of steel as opposed to traditional beams.
Steel Shade Court Cover
Post padding and circular columns
Circular columns make it easy to install post protection as well as giving bracing advantages for engineering.

What They Say

“We didn’t have an indoor PE (physical education) space or a space where the whole school could fit – a room where we could have assembly together, now we do…we just all love it."
Rachel Wallace - Principal
Beverley Hill Primary School
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