The Importance of Design in Design and Construct

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Jun 17, 2024 8:21:14 AM

If you are planning to build a structure on your premises, you want it to look good and be practical. No one wants an ugly arena, court cover or shade structure damaging the appearance of the local area.

This is why good design is so vital. We recognise the value of expert design, which is why we use the design and construct process. This process is also known as design and build and means one contractor controls the creation of a structure from concept to completion.

We are proud that our design and construct model enables efficient, cost-effective, and stress-free project completion for our clients.

In this article, we will explain more about how design and construct projects work and examine why the design aspects of the project are so important.

What is design and construct?

The basic premise of a design and construct service is that the contractor takes responsibility for each aspect of the build process, from designing a structure to completing construction.

This means that the client has a single point of contact throughout the process. It also means the contractor is legally responsible for the suitability of the final design and the quality and performance of the completed structure.

We find that employing the design and construct building process allows us to work closely with clients to ensure that building plans deliver project requirements. It also enables us to use our skills and expertise to control the entire project so that it’s completed in a timely and cost-effective manner and the end result is practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

St Bernards primary school steel shade structure


How design benefits the design and construct process

There are several reasons why the design phase of a project is so beneficial to the entire design and construct process.

Lessons learned from experience

We find that one of the biggest benefits of a design process that is part of a design and construct project is that expertise from previous projects can be used to ensure the construct team has no problems with incorporating design features.

For example, we have gained extensive knowledge of how to design shade structures over the years. So, we know how to know how to get the best possible protection from the Australian climate while ensuring the building process makes the best use of resources. Combining our expertise in design and construction means our projects adhere to budget restrictions while delivering on client requirements.

Seamless process where downtime is minimal

When the design and construction elements of a building project are completed by separate entities, roles such as project manager and building designer are often undertaken by individuals from different organisations.

This can lead to a siloed approach where communication and planning do not always run smoothly. Our experience of the design and construct approach is that obstacles and interruptions are removed. This is because the contractor looks at the bigger picture and understands how each element of design and construction fits into the process. So, the project is completed in a seamless manner, with one point of contact and one handover, optimising costs and reducing the risk of unexpected interruptions.

Fewer unexpected delays and costly surprises

This benefit of expert and knowledgeable design comes from the seamless process we have just discussed. Our design experts understand the challenges of building structures. We know about the costs, materials, and timescales involved.

This understanding during the design of a structure means that the plans can easily be understood and acted upon by the build team. There are no costly mistakes or holdups to deal with. So, clients can be confident that agreed costs and project timelines are adhered to. 

If you are looking for a shade structure creation process that delivers on budget and requirements, we are happy to help. Start the design and construct process by contacting us to discuss your project. We will work with you from the start of the design phase through to the completion of your structure.

  • "Design and Construct" is an agreement where the contractor designs and builds the structure.
  • The process includes drafting and engineering.
  • Using the same contractor for design and construction simplifies the project.